Welcome to the "fossils" section of the Georgia Southwestern State University webpage on the "Natural Resources of Southwest Georgia".

There are four main components of this section and you can access each one by clicking its name in the list below. You may see a site map by clicking HERE.


The "INTRODUCTION" section gives a general background on the geography and geology of the state, geologic time, how fossils are used to "tell time" geologically, and how the environments of sedimentary rocks can be interpreted.

The "TIME SCALE" section allows you to browse through the rocks of southwest Georgia and see some of the characteristic fossils they contain.

The "ENVIRONMENT" section allows you to begin with a brief overview of how certain fossils might help determine the depositional environment of a sedimentary rock and then see fossils from specific environments of the region. Alternately you can jump directly into the environments and see the fossils in them.

The "FOSSILS" section simply provides a list of species, arranged within higher taxa, and allows you to see photographs of them.

Happy hunting!